Planning for your perfect wedding day can be one of the most stressful experiences of your lifetime. There is so much that needs to be organized in a huge range of areas! Wedding planners are helpful for this but many people are already spending a huge amount on the wedding itself and can’t afford a planner. This means that people must organize and coordinate everything in the wedding themselves. This is where a checklist comes in handy in helping people remember what still needs to be done. A checklist also helps remind people when items need to be done by. Whether that’s, food transportation, decor, flowers; we here at Limo City have your Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist. We hope this helps make planning your perfect wedding day easier!

12+ months away

  • Sort out the guest list – Knowing how many people you’re going to have to sort out for is vital for making sure everything else gets organized correctly.
  • Set the date and send ‘Save the Date’ cards – Doing this as early as possible means that people are far less likely to be already busy on your wedding day, and you will have more time to organize everything else for the event.
  • Budget the wedding – This is one of the most important steps as weddings can be hugely expensive and making sure that you are going to be able to afford what you are actually organising is vital.
  • Book a venue – Given that most nice venues are going to have a lot of requests, it is best to try and sort this out as early as possible to make sure you get the perfect one for you.
  • Book florists, cars and caterers – These are the services that every wedding needs and they are therefore very high in demand. Getting these sorted early on means you won’t need a frantic search when it gets closer to the day. Limo City would be honored to provide you with transportation on your perfect, big day!
  • Find a photographer and videographer – Another pair of services which are very high in demand and are therefore best to confirm a long way out from the big day.
  • Sort out wedding insurance – This is something many don’t think to do but is so important and could save you a huge amount of money if you are let down by any of your suppliers.
  • Book the honeymoon – When it comes to the honeymoon you want the same beautiful standard as your wedding, this means finding your dream honeymoon early on and booking it more than 12 months out gives you the best chance of finding the perfect holiday.
  • Start looking for a wedding dress/suit – Having the perfect look for yourself is part of having a great wedding day and therefore spending time from early on in the planning process looking for this perfect dress is key in making sure that you will have the perfect dress, or suit, for you by the time the occasion arrives.

12 months – 6 months

  • Find your best man, maid of honour, ushers, ring bearers, etc. – These are all going to be very important people in the wedding on your special day and making sure that they know what they’re going to have to do is something that is good to confirm with a long way left to go until the day, just in case any of them are unable to attend.
  • Order/design your wedding invitations – You want to give people the image of a classy event for your wedding and therefore getting a great design for your wedding invitations is key.
  • Book the DJ/Band/Entertainment – This is one of the most important aspects for everyone having a great time at the wedding and they can often be difficult to book if left too late. Try to decide what you want for your entertainment and then lock it down for the event.
  • Order the cake – Everyone loves a great wedding cake and so getting a bakery who are going to construct you one is of huge importance to the wedding, finding one at this point gives them time to design and bake it beautifully.
  • Buy your accessories – Shoes, jewellery, hair accessories and many more additions are going to need to be bought in order to complete your look and you’ll need time to find the perfect ones for you.
  • Find the dresses for the other members of the wedding party – The bridesmaids, best man, ushers etc. are all going to need to be dressed to match the theme of the wedding and it can therefore take a little time to find the perfect outfits for them
  • Organize the legal side – Several different licenses and permits need to be organized for a wedding depending on where it is going to be held. It is certainly best to get these organized and signed with time to spare.

6 months – The Big Day

  • Buy the wedding rings – These are normally fairly plain but can still take a little while to sort out sizing for.
  • Send out the invites – Usually done about 3 months before the date to ensure everyone has enough time to respond.
  • Choose the music and entertainment – Get in touch with the suppliers of the entertainment and talk to them about what you want for the wedding and what will make it best for you.
  • Choose your gifts – Make your choices available to your guests with a lot of time to spare so they won’t have to rush to find you a great present.
  • Arrange the rehearsal dinner – Ensure that arrangements are in place for there to be a meal that most can attend a few days before to have a run-through of everything for the wedding day.
  • Finalise the seating – Once you’re received RSVPs for everyone make sure they all have a place to sit.
  • Order the decorations – Table and room decorations are very important to giving the venue a great look and need to be sorted with a few months to spare to get the best ones.
  • Have a final fitting – Give yourself a little while before the big day to have another fitting to allow for any weight goals that you might have for your big day.


  • Ask for help – Throughout this entire process you’re going to need the support of your friends and family and make sure that they are helping to give you the best possible wedding day. It also helps to ask any of the married ones if there is anything else that you may need to do.

At Limo City, we understand just how special a wedding can be. We would be honored to serve you on your special day with our incredible transportation. Whether you desire a limo, party bus, etc., we are confident our incredible fleet as just what you need! Contact us today for your quote! 1.800.844.8566