By Steve Barnes on 05/03/12

When you see limo rates in Dallas that are too good to be careful. This usually means that there are multiple hidden costs like fuel charges, service and administration fees etc. Some companies have minimum hour requirements while some have a package price for pickup and drop off only. What is included in the cost? Some charge portal to portal. This means that you pay for driving time to and from the limousine rental company to your designated location while other companies charge only from the time the limousine arrives at your location. Most limo companies in Dallas also offer extra services, i.e. a red carpet roll-out, limo decorations etc. with or without additional cost. Is gratuity included in the rental cost? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Make sure to get a total of ALL costs before you agree. At Limo City Inc. we do not include gratuity in our pricing. Driver tips are at your discretion but, like a restaurant, its customary to tip between 15-20% of the total cost of the charter.

The bottom line …is to make sure you understand “all” costs before you decide so you can relax, enjoy and have the time of your life.