When you want to spend your leisure time to places that will bring you into a different level of satisfaction, then, you are in the right place. The city of Dallas gives tourists and locals a variety of hangouts, whether you want to chill, party with your friends, or mingle with other people.

Limo City is here to help you and yours have the time of your lives, safely! Hire one of our limos, sedans, or party buses for the perfect night on the town with your crew. We can help you visit the hottest rooftop bars in the city, without the worry of driving!

The Best Rooftop Bars in Dallas

Quarter Bar. Quarter Bar is the sister restaurant of the Breadwinner’s Café which is also located next door. It has served people for 15 long years, offering a relaxing place for everyone. Its concept is inspired by the French Quarter of New Orleans. It opens at 4 pm and you will be welcomed by diverse customers who regularly spend their time drinking beers and other specialty drinks it offers.

Speaking of specialty, they serve hurricanes or booze pops which are a popsicle with various flavors and is made with liquor. Expect a night filled with fun and excitement.

Sundown at Granada. Located on Greenville Avenue near the Granada Theater, you can enjoy your stay here while you grab a drink, waiting for the musical events to begin. You may also just sit upstairs and dine and drink while gazing at the scenic surroundings. This place is also best for vegetarians, or those who follow a strict and healthy diet plan. It is also well-known for its creative cocktails and friendly staffs.

Saint Rocco’s. Saint Rocco’s is one of the pioneers of the bars built in Trinity Groves. The place rapidly changes but is still able to maintain their best customer service. This is a New York restaurant which is located at the foot of the famous Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Inspired by a chic third-floor deck, this place is best for taking photos.

Tei-An. This wonderful place is an open-air rooftop bar, and is located in One Arts Plaza, which is in the downtown of Arts District. Tei-An is a Japanese Restaurant which offers a semi-private atmosphere through its spacious rooftop. Register for a membership here so you can enjoy drinking or dining while you sit on their comfortable couches dominating the bar.

As their specialty, you can order House Old Fashioned which is a soba whiskey infused with tea. Pair it with their homemade black honey with bitters.

Soda Bar at the Nylo Hotel. Designed with poolside cabanas, infinity pool, and a sleek bar, this place seems like you are into a memorable party. You will surely enjoy the Dallas scene while drinking a flavorful cocktail.

The Nines. Enjoy your drink at The Nines rooftop as you dance with the music and hear the Dj’s beat. There are a ton of activities to do at this place. Spend your night gaming during Monday nights as you dine. They serve half-priced foods during this special evening, and offer inviting games like Cards Against Humanity and Goat Head Trivia.

Dodie’s. Lower Greenville will never fail to give you best rooftop bars, and one of these is the fantastic place of Dodie’s. This is inspired by a sports lover theme. It is unique because it does not only serve drinks or foods, but it also hosts big sporting events. Celebrate your team’s winnings on the rooftop as you drink an ice cold beer.

Happiest Hour. This bar is near the American Airlines Center, bordering Uptown, Downtown, and the Arts District. This is the best spot for people who want to spend their time after a stressful work. They can drink while looking at the scenery.

Nora Restaurant and Bar. Your Dallas trip will not be complete without stopping by at Nora Restaurant and Bar. This is located in the Lower Greenville area. As a unique Afghan grill, this expanded a year after it opened. From a small area which opened in 2012, its space increased and doubled in 2013. This cozy place is enhanced by a fireplace, scenic view, and comfortable couches.

It also offers a vigorous nightlife among other neighboring bars. This spot is best if you want to order some drink or enjoy your dinner. Never leave the bar without ordering from their special menu like the Kabul Mule. This is an Aylesbury Duck Vodka infused by a cardamon flavored with a homemade ginger beer, Velvet Falernum, and lime.

Reata. If you want a classy look or ambiance of a place where you want to relax, Reata is recommended for you. They offers cocktails and delicious menu that attracts more customers to come into the place. They also serve amazing stuffed tamales with garlic cilantro. There are also wide selections of wine suitable for a romantic dinner.

HG Sply Co. A two-story restaurant, HG Sply Co. Has been very popular in the Lower Greenville area for just a year and a half of serving their customers. Five months ago, it was able to expand its area for an additional space to accommodate more locals and tourists who are interested in their tempting and mouthwatering menu.

It is a 100-year-old building with a large parking deck which they further made as a bar without ruining the history and appearance of the old original building. They best serve Double Under and Moscow Mule. Double Under is a dulce vita infused with beet mixed with an organic tequila, rosemary, and fresh lime.

It can serve up to 75 guests while its smaller areas can accommodate 25 people. To maintain the history of the building, they made the style of the bar simply by putting simple benches around the fireplace.

Let Limo City Help Make Your Night on the Town One to Remember

Dallas is a perfect place to spend your vacation or relax after a tiring day’s work. You will never run out of choices if you are in this place. From beautiful rooftop bars to mouthwatering dishes, you will have plenty of choices to satisfy your needs. Contact Limo City today to arrange transportation for you and your friends!