There are many reasons to hire a limo or party bus for special events. While either option allows you to travel in style and luxury, there are other benefits as well that contribute to them being such a popular option! At Limo City, we take pride in our incredible fleet of more than 155 vehicles. We know that we have the perfect option for your event. Contact us today to reserve one of our incredible limos or party buses! They will help make your event one to remember! 1.800.844.8566

Why You Should Hire a Limo or Party Bus for Your Next Event

  1. Safe on the road

Whether or not a party will be serving drinks, it can still be dangerous to drive if there’s a group of excited friend in the car. Distracted driving—whether that distraction is trying to navigate to a new location or close friends cracking jokes in the backseat—is a serious safety threat.

Traveling in a party bus or limo will allow everyone to be involved in the fun to and from the event and allow the driver to get the entire group there safely. Not to mention, professional drivers know their way around and they won’t have any trouble navigating through high-traffic areas or finding their way to any location.

  1. Be on time and together

Group traveling also offers another key benefit: everyone will arrive on time, and at the same time. This is ideal for any event, especially those where a person wants their plus one/group to be at the door with them.

The driver will pick everyone up before heading to the event, which gives friends a chance to chat on the way there and makes sure that no one misses out on the before or after party conversation.

  1. Arrive in a good mood

In addition to having the chance to chat with friends on the way there, groups who choose to hire a driver also have the benefit of avoiding any buzz-killer road rage. Plus, no professional driver will have trouble finding the event’s location, so there is no need to worry about getting lost or being late because of poor directions.

All drivers will have the location in advance so they can plan the best, quickest route. They’ll also know alternative routes in case there’s a traffic jam or roadblock on the way.

  1. Forget the valet

There’s no need to worry about finding a parking spot or paying for one when a professional limo or party bus service is utilized. This saves event-goers from having to walk in uncomfortable dress shoes and possibly even avoid cool/stormy weather. Everyone will be dropped off directly at the door. When the event is over, the driver will be waiting right outside the door for everyone in the group to get in and go home.

  1. No wasted time

While every professional driver will have alternative routes in mind in case of traffic jams, sometimes waiting on the road for a few minutes is unavoidable. But unlike when driving alone, traffic jams aren’t wasted time on a limo or party bus. In fact, there’s a good chance no member of the group will even realize they’re stuck in traffic as they enjoy the food, drinks, and good times with their friends.

  1. Arrive in style

Of course, one of the best parts of riding in a limo or party bus is feeling high-class and looking like a VIP. A limo is a great way to arrive to any event, whether it be a city gathering or a celebration amongst friends.

Here are some things to keep in mind when hiring a limo or party bus for an event:

  • Reserve ahead of time. The last thing to do is book last minute. Reserving early will allow every member of the group to set their travel plans in stone so no one has to have a backup at the ready.
  • Give all the details. The driver should have time to prepare so they know who they are picking up and the where/when. Giving them the information about all the pickups, drop-offs, and the event itself also helps them plan the quickest routes and alternative ones, if needed.
  • Don’t change the route. Sometimes, small pit-stops might be doable, but the driver should be informed in advance if there are going to be any stop-offs along the way, that way they can plan the route accordingly and ensure every one is on time to the destination.
  • Pick carefully. There are actually many different options when it comes to booking a limo or party bus. Everyone should hear a short description of the fleet so the group can decide what will be best for their needs—for instance, decide on beverages and snacks ahead of time.

Let Limo City Help Make Your Event One to Remember

At Limo City, we understand the importance of making a good impression. Whether you want to show off to your boss, make your employees feel wined and dined, plan the perfect birthday party for your friend, or throw a killer bachelor or bachelorette party, we know we can help!

Our team of professionals and chauffeurs will help make your event special. We know that our fleet is the best in the business, and our vehicles are sure to razzle and dazzle anyone who rides in them. Contact Limo City today at 1.800.844.8566 to book the perfect vehicle for your next event.

Let Limo City take care of the transportation, while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!